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Tips from Tom – Energy Saving for Winter


Here are a few tips for setting your thermostat this winter so that you can save energy and save money off monthly utility bills while maintaining comfort in your home:

Check the furnace filter and replace if dirty.  A dirty filter will put strain on a furnace and can lead to a shut down. This can lead to premature failure.

During the winter, keep Blinds & Curtains OPEN on side of house sun is shining in. Let the sun help heat up your home.

Check to make sure the thermostat is set correctly (recommended 68-70 degrees in winter). The more you adjust the thermostat up & down or keeping it off all day while you are away, (rather than setting it & leaving it alone) is going to work your unit harder, which in turn is going to increase your energy usage & obviously cost you more.

Renter’s Insurance Reminder


With vicious storms and other severe weather coming through the area, you should ask yourself:

Am I well protected?

Do you currently have Renters Insurance? If not, you could be running a serious risk. 

Renters Insurance can cost as little as $100 per year and could end up saving you a lot of money and trouble if you ever suffered a serious loss. While a vast majority of homeowners have insurance, only about a third of renters end up purchasing any form of insurance. The other two thirds of renters will be in real trouble if their possessions are damaged or lost for any reason. For a very affordable fee, often around $10 per month, you can purchase renters insurance and ensure that you will be able to weather any storm. If you bundle your renters insurance policy with an auto policy the price can end up being even cheaper.

When disaster strikes, you won’t want to be left out in the rain. Purchase renters insurance, and gain peace of mind.

Tips from Tom – Pipe Maintenance


Do NOT use Drano or similar products for a clogged drain. They will damage the pipes and lead to more serious issues. Please just call for service instead.

Refer a friend- Earn easy money!!


Attention Quinn Residents: Get $100 credit on your rental account if you refer a friend! Reference must qualify and sign in order to receive the credit.

Tips from Tom – Fire Safety




Remember to change the batteries in your smoke alarms to prevent potentially destructive fires. Also, change your furnace filter in between seasons to ensure it continues to function safely.

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